Eric Chansy Chansy, Eric
Senior Program Coordinator
(949) 824-7843
3100 Education
UCI Writing Project Contracts and Grants
Daniel Choi Choi, Daniel
Assistant Administrative Analyst
(949) 824-7864
3100 Education
UCI Writing Project Summer Youth Program, Event Management, Processing Service Agreement & Requisitions
Nancy Christensen Christensen, Nancy
(949) 824-1770
3234 Education
Director of Communications
Spenser Clark Clark, Spenser
(949) 824-5892
2044 Education
Systems Administration, Technical Support
Catarina de Carvalho de Carvalho, Catarina
Executive Assistant to the Dean
(949) 824-8026
3232 Education
Executive Support for the Dean
Denise Earley Earley, Denise
Assistant Director
Student Affairs  
(949) 824-4022
2000 Education
Academic Counseling for Undergraduates & MAT Students, Admissions, Credential Analyst
Tori Garcia Garcia, Tory
Personnel Coordinator
(949) 824-3128
3229 Education
Coordination of Payroll and Benefits, Staff & Student Hiring
gov_t Gov, Tracy
Director of Operations
(949) 824-1535
3100A Education
Comprehensive Management of UCI Writing Project Staff, Operations, and Space Planning
Julie Hahm Hahm, Julie
Finance Assistant
(949) 824-7662
3219 Education
Check Requests, Invoices, Deposits, Purchasing, Travel, Reimbursements
Tammy Ho Ho, Tammy
Personnel Director
(949) 824-5486
3228 Education
Oversee all Academic and Staff Personnel matters
Snigdha Kamarsu Kamarsu, Snigdha
Research Coordinator
(949) 824-6716
MPAA 344
Working Memory and Plasticity Lab Research Coordinator
Hyuk Kang Kang, Hyuk
IT Director
(949) 824-5614
2044 Education
Director of Computing and Technical Support
Sabrina Karaoke Kataoka, Sabrina
AERA Open Managing Editor
(949) 824-3152
3227 Education
Managing Editor for AERA Open
Mike T. Khuu Khuu, Mike T.
Senior Contracts and Grants Analyst
(949) 824-7838
3222 Education
Contract and Grants Administration, Proposal Preparation, Financial Reporting
lim_david Lim, David
Student Affairs Officer
(949) 824-3348
2000 Education
Counseling, Admissions for the MAT
Geneva Lopez-Sandoval Lopez-Sandoval, Geneva
Ph.D. Program Coordinator
(949) 824-5910
2074 Education
Coordination of the Ph.D. in Education Program
Rhett Lowe Lowe, Rhett
(949) 824-8564
2040 Education
Develop and Manage Web Applications, Technical Support
Martha Martinez Martinez, Martha
Student Services Coordinator
(949) 824-5672
137 Bison
Student Services Coordination of UC Irvine Cal Teach Science and Math Program
Sarah McDougall McDougall, Sarah
Student Affairs Officer
(949) 824-8953
2208 Education
BAES Academic Advising
Amanda Nili Nili, Amanda
Project Manager
(949) 824-5118
3376 Education
Digital Learning Lab, Project SPROUT
Chelsea Parlett Parlett, Chelsea
Lab Manager
(949) 824-2439
342 MPAA
Working Memory and Plasticity Lab
pierce Pierce, Kim
Director of Research
(949) 824-9763
3224 Education
Grant Proposals, Research Design, PI/Co-PI Assistance
anteater Schleh, Megan
Research Project Assistant
(949) 824-2609
3365 Education
Writing Project Research Assistance
Kyoko Shimizu Shimizu, Kyoko
Senior Contracts and Grants Analyst
(949) 824-7250
3221 Education
Contract and Grants Administration, Proposal Preparation, Financial Reporting
Sarah Singh Singh, Sarah
PhD Counselor
Credential Analyst
(949) 824-6673
2076 Education
PhD Counselor, Credential Analyst
Jennifer Stameson Stameson, Jennifer
Director of Development
(949) 824-1962
3233 Education
Development and External Relations, Dean's Leadership Council
Sasha Stone Stone, Sasha
Administrative Assistant
(949) 824-5922
3100 Education
Administrative Support for i3/OELA Grant-Funded Projects, UCI Writing Project Summer Institute, In-Services
takacs Takacs, Maria
Credential Program Assistant
(949) 824-7837
2086 Education
Administrative Support for Credential Program
Luther Tolbert Tolbert, Luther
Facilities Manager
(949) 824-8063
3215 Education
Management of School Facilties
tomoguchi_cj Tomoguchi-Perez, Carol Jean
Communications Analyst
(949) 824-3287
3230 Education
Website, Promotional Materials, Yearbook
wong Wong, Lynn
Finance Director
(949) 824-6076
3233 Education
Account and Fund Activities, Ad Hoc Reporting, Department Accounting
Ashley Wright Wright, Ashley
Administrative Assistant
(949) 824-5118
3200 Education
Support Dean's Office and Director of Research, Meeting/Room Scheduling
Minnie Wu Wu, Minnie
Research Assistant
Working Memory & Plasticity Lab
(949) 824-5118
MPAA 344
Research Studies Coordination; Participant Recruitment; Data Collection, Analysis, Reporting
Whitney Young Young, Whitney
Student Affairs Counselor
(949) 824-8082
137 BSA
Program Recuitment Support, Student Advising, Data Management, Administrative Assistance
Emily Yu Yu, Emily
UCIWP Administrative Assistant
(949) 824-5829
3100 Education
Support for i3/OELA Grant-Funded Projects, In-Services, Database Management/Registration