Associate Professor Elizabeth van Es Awarded 3-Year NSF Grant to Study Teacher Noticing and Dispositions

Grant: "Collaborative Research: Community and Teacher Teams Investigate Equitable Noticing and Dispositions (Co-ATTEND)" 
PI: Elizabeth van Es
Funder: National Science Foundation
Duration: 3 years


Teacher noticing is a central component of mathematics teaching. The study is situated in sociocultural theories of learning and development that connect patterns of noticing in the classroom to participation in social and cultural communities. The goal of the study is to extend this framework to noticing for equity in the mathematics classroom using a community-based design approach. The study includes three research questions. (1) What is the relation between the dispositions, noticing practices, and mathematics instruction of secondary mathematics teachers? (2) What activities, tools and frameworks support teachers in learning to notice for equity? (3) How can a community-based design model enhance the conceptualization of noticing for equity and the development of tools/frameworks for teacher learning? The project will include the design of a professional development for two cohorts of secondary teachers in collaboration with community leaders at two different sites. The project will also develop tools for research that can be used in other projects that investigate teacher noticing for equity in mathematics. Data collected will include teacher interviews, video documentation of teacher and community leader interactions in professional development (including summer design charrettes), other documents and artifacts from the design of tools and resources, and other qualitative data. Multiple frameworks will be used for data analysis.