Faculty, Students, and Alumni Present at SRCD Biennial Meeting

UCI School of Education faculty, students, and alumni are presenting at the 2017 Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD), April 6-8 in Austin, Texas. The 2017 meeting theme, “Developmental Science and Society”, encompasses four emphases:

  1. Poverty, Inequality and Developmental Science
  2. Global Change and Child Development
  3. Neuroscience and Child Development
  4. Behavioral Science and Public Policy

SRCD biennial meetings give members an opportunity to connect and exchange information and ideas.

SoE 2017 presentations are listed below, organized alphabetically by the name of the first-mentioned UCI author. 

Risky Business: Correlation and Causation in Longitudinal Studies of Skill Development
Authors: Drew Bailey, Greg J. Duncan, Tyler Watts, Douglas H. Clements, Julie Sarama

Supporting Teacher’s Implementation of a Tier 2 Language Intervention: A Randomized Coaching Trial in Second Grade
Authors: Beth M. Phillips, Karli B. Willis, Carol McDonald Connor, Christopher J. Lonigan

Using Assessment and the OLOS Observation System to Inform and Promote Effective Early Learning Opportunities for Young Children
Authors: Carol McDonald Connor, Deborah Vandell, Nicole Sparapani

Developing a Measure of Self-Regulation in Middle Elementary School
Authors: Stephanie Day, Carol McDonald Connor 

The Influence of Family Demographic Factors on School Readiness: Variation by Latino English Language Learners Status
Authors: Guadalupe Diaz, Megan McClelland 

Are Early Childhood Education and Family Support Programs Effective for Teenage Parents and Their Children? A Meta-Analysis
Authors: Caroline Frances Dorothy Black, Holly Schindler, Greg J. Duncan, Katherine Magnuson, Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Kathleen M. Ziol-Guest 

Early Childhood Education, Parenting, and the Home Environment: A Meta-Analysis
Authors: Christine M. Campo, Kathleen M. Zioi-Guest, Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Greg J. Duncan, Katherine Magnuson, Holly S. Schindler, & Todd Grindal

Effects of Adding Parenting Programs to Early Childhood Education: A Meta-Analysis
Authors: Young Sun Joo, Katherine Magnuson, Greg J. Duncan, Holly S. Schindler, Hirokazu Yoshikawa, Kathleen M. Ziol-Guest 

Examining the Relations Between Executive Function, Math, & Literacy During the Transition to Kindergarten: A Multimethod Approach
Authors: Megan McClelland, Sara Schmitt, G. John Geldhof, David J. Purpura, Robert Duncan

A Person-Centered Approach for Predicting 5th Grade Literacy Proficiency Among Low-Income Children
Authors: Robert Duncan, Shannon Lipscomb, G. John Geldhof, Alan Acock

Positive Action: Social-Emotional Skill and Health Behavior Promotion Intervention
Authors: Irem Korucu, Sara Schmitt, Kendra M. Lewis, Robert Duncan 

Promoting School Readiness by Integrating a Self-Regulation Intervention into a School-Based Summer Program
Authors: Robert Duncan, Sara Schmitt, Megan McClelland

Relevant Math Instruction and Teacher Differential Treatment in Female Students’ Math Motivational Beliefs and Achievement
Authors: Sarah E. McKellar, Aiza D. Marchand, Matthew Diemer, Kelly Daniels, Malanchuk Oksana, Jacquelynne Eccles

“Some Kids Are Just Smarter”: How Parents’ Beliefs Relate to Their Interactions with Children During Achievement Activities
Authors: Lara Turci, Allan Wigfield, Jacquelynne Eccles 

Kindergarten Children’s Executive Functions Predict their Second Grade Academic Achievement and Classroom Behavior
Authors: Wik Hung Pun, Marianne M. Hillemeier, George Farkas

Predictors of Music Class Participation and Persistence in Middle School Among Low-Income, Ethnically Diverse Students
Authors: Alenamie Alegro, Taylor Gara, Tanya Tavassolie, Adam Winsler

How SES and Home Language Environments Contribute to the EF and School Readiness of Hispanic Children at Kindergarten Entry
Author: Christa Mulker Greenfader

The Role of Home Literacy Practices on Reading Development of Kindergarteners
Authors: Tien Thuy Ho, Penelope Collins 

Child Care Instability: Experiences and Policy Solutions Aimed at Low-Income Families
Authors: Jade Jenkins, Tutrang Nguyen 

Healthy and Ready to Learn: The Effects of a School-Based Public Health Insurance Outreach Program for Kindergarten-Aged Children
Authors: Jade Jenkins 

Keeping Kids in Care: What Makes a Difference in State CCDF Policy?
Authors: Jade Jenkins, Tutrang Nguyen

Afterschool Staff Beliefs and Student Reports of Program Quality: Findings from an Out-of-School STEM Learning Initiative
Authors: Sabrina Kataoka (Alumna), Rahila Simzar (Alumna), George Farkas, Deborah Vandell

Patterns of Parent Mindsets and Self-Efficacy
Authors: Tarana Khan, Wendy Ochoa

Physical Education and Educational Attainment
Author: Kenneth T.H. Lee (Alumnus)

Varsity Sports Participation and Academic Performance
Author: Kenneth T. H. Lee (Alumnus)

Home, School, and Out-of-School-Time as Mediators of Relations between Family Income and Academic Outcomes in Primary School
Authors: Ryan Lewis, Kenneth T.H. Lee (Alumnus), Deborah Vandell

Latino Parents’ Involvement with their Teens’ Participation in Organized Activities: Examining the Role of Ethnic Culture
Authors: Alex R. Lin (Alumnus), Sandra Simpkins, Yangyang Liu

Latino High School Students’ Science Motivation: Examining the Role of Friends’ Science Characteristics
Authors: Yangyang Liu, Sandra Simpkins 

Distributional Impacts of Academically Targeted Preschool Curricula
Author: Tutrang Nguyen

Don’t Complain if it’s Free: Latino Parents’ Experiences at their Children’s Dentist in the U.S. and Mexico
Authors: Amy Doreen Gaona, Georgina Espino, Wendy Ochoa, Wendy Garrard, Stephanie M. Reich

What Does an Ethnically Diverse Sample of Fathers and Mothers Know About Child Development?
Authors: Wendy Ochoa, Stephanie M. Reich, Wendy Garrard, Natasha Cabrera, Catherine Kuhns 

Consequences of Asthma Severity on Motivation and Math Achievement
Author: Jessica Oviatt

Family and Instructional Determinants of Hispanic Kindergarteners’ Academic Success
Authors: Melina Aurora Pinales, George Farkas

BabyBooks2: A Randomized Control Trial (RCT) to Test the Effects of a Book Intervention for Low-Income Mothers and Fathers
Authors: Natasha Cabrera, Stephanie M. Reich, Catherine Kuhns

The Right Tool to Fit the Job: Adolescents’ Selective Use of Social Media in Peer Interactions
Authors: Stephanie M. Reich, Joanna Yau

The Pain of Poverty and Poor English Skills in the Dental Chair: Pediatric Oral Health Disparities
Authors: Stephanie M. Reich, Wendy Ochoa, Amy Doreen Gaona, Yesenia Salcedo, Georgina Espino, Veronica Ahumada Newhart, Wendy Garrard 

Argumentative and Linguistic Features: A Study of Sixth Grade Writing Across Four Topics
Authors: Karen Taylor, Joshua Lawrence

Promoting Goals and Preventing Worries: Family Management Among African-American Families Across Gender and Socioeconomic Lines
Authors: Nestor Tulagan, Jacquelynne Eccles

Delay of Gratification in Early Childhood and Later Achievement
Authors: Haonan Quan, Tyler Watts, Greg J. Duncan

Revisiting the Correlation Between Adolescent Academic Achievement and Adult Economic Success
Author: Tyler Watts

A Professional Protocol to Support Teachers to Foster Students’ Language and Literacy Development using A2i Technology
Authors: Taffeta Wood, Carol McDonald Connor

Tints of the Glasses: Predictors of Changes in Students’ Perceptions of Parental Valuing of Math
Authors: QingQing Yang, Jacquelynne Eccles

Friendship Processes in Face-to-Face and Digital Interactions: A Conceptual Review
Author: Joanna Yau

Mom, Get Out of my Face(book)!
Authors: Katrina Stacie Yip, Joanna Yau, Stephanie Reich

The Effect of Word Knowledge e-Book on Comprehension Monitoring Development
Authors:  Elham Zagar, Carol McDonald ConnorStephanie Day

UCI Faculty and Student Serving as Chairs

  • Joanna Yau: Adolescent Friendships in Digital Spaces: Same Old or New Beast?
  • Stephanie M. Reich: Unequal Starts: Contributions to Health Disparities in Early Childhood

UCI Faculty Serving as Discussants

  • Stephanie Reich: Adolescent Friendships in Digital Spaces: Same Old or New Beast?
  • Deborah Vandell: Long-Term Impacts of Early Childhood Education Programs: New Looks at Familiar Promises

UCI Faculty Serving as Moderator

  • Deborah Vandell: Creating Opportunity and Educational Pathways for Young Children: An Ongoing Conversation

UCI Faculty Serving as Panelist