California Teacher Education Research & Improvement Network Receives UCOP President’s Research Catalyst Award

UC President Janet Napolitano announced the recipients of the 2017 President’s Research Catalyst Awards. The award is a presidential initiative intended to support and highlight exemplary research in strategic areas that benefit UC, California and the nation.

The proposal for the California Teacher Education Research & Improvement Network was one of three proposals selected from a pool of more than 100 proposed projects. University of California Press Release:

Title: California Teacher Education Research & Improvement Network (CTERIN)
Funder: University of California Office of the President: President’s Research Catalyst Awards
Amount: $1,500,000
Implementation: 2017 

PI: Tine Sloan, UC Santa Barbara


  • UC Berkeley: George Johnson
  • UC Davis: Rebecca Ambrose
  • UC Irvine: Elizabeth van Es
  • UC Los Angeles: Jody Priselac
  • UC Merced: Maya Tokman
  • UC Riverside: Thomas Smith
  • UC San Diego: Alan Daly
  • UC Santa Cruz: Lora Bartlett 


  • UC Berkeley: Prudence Carter, Jessica Charles, Jabari Mahiri, Alan Schoenfeld, David Pearson, Elisa Stone
  • UC Davis: Sandy Carlson, Mary-Betty Stevenson, Susann Pinter, Beth Broome
  • UC Irvine: Richard Arum, George Farkas, Hosun KangVirginia Panish
  • UC Los Angeles: Marcelo M. Suarez-Orozco, Megan Franke, Annamarie Frencois, Arlene Russell, Lorena Guillen
  • UC Merced: Irenee R. Beattie, Chelsea Arnold
  • UC Riverside: Cassandra Guarino, Rita Kohli, Rollanda O’Connor, Robert Ream, Leslie Bushong, Pamela Clute
  • UC San Diego: Cheryl Forbes, Jeff Remmel, Sherice Clarke, Megan Hopkins
  • UC Santa Barbara: Jeffrey Milem, Jason Duque, Sarah Roberts, Julie Bianchini, Andrew Fedders, Tim Dewar, Amber Moran, Diana Arya, George Singer
  • UC Santa Cruz: Trish Stoddard, Gretchen Andreason, Kip Tellez, Dorish Ash, Judit Moschkovich, Cindy Cruz, Ronald Glass, June Gordon, Eduardo Mosqueda, Juditih Scott, Brad Olsen


The need for well-prepared California teachers has never been greater. The state faces serious issues: teacher shortages in key areas such as math, science, and special education; persistent achievement gaps; calls for greater inclusion of students with special needs; the implementation of new English, math, and science standards; and new standardized assessments. In order to improve the quality of California’s K-12 teachers while increasing quantity, nine UC campuses will develop the California Teacher Education Research and Improvement Network (CTERIN). This network will respond to pressing needs for research on policy and practice linked to teacher education in California by

  • Developing a research infrastructure and statewide data system
  • Conducting research on policy implementation in service to the state
  • Researching the efficacy of teacher preparation (e.g., 5th year post-bac, undergraduate, and intern pathways)
  • Developing cross-campus doctoral programs in teacher education scholarship and practice