Administrators from Pegasus California School, Qingdao, China, Visit SoE

Educators from Pegasus California School in Qingdao, China, accompanied by former California Secretary of Education Dr. David Long, visited UC Irvine’s School of Education on October 12 to learn more about the philosophy, pedagogy, and methodology guiding UCI’s teacher credential programs.

Pegasus California School, the first international school in Qingdao, China, opened on September 5th. Pegasus Qingdao is the only school of its kind in all of China--a boarding school with all California credentialed teachers, all teaching in English, using California curriculum and textbooks, and encouraging students to communicate in English inside and outside of class. 

The Pegasus educators were greeted by SoE’s Director of Teacher Education, Virginia Panish. During her presentation Dr. Panish summarized the core commitments guiding UCI’s approach to teacher education: equity, understanding learners and learning, teaching and learning in the content areas, learning from practice, and leadership.

Currently, three of Pegasus’ seven teachers are graduates of UCI’s Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program, and Pegasus administrators are interested in employing more UCI credential graduates as the Qingdao school expands and two other locations in China are added to the Pegasus model in 2017.   

Pegasus California School educators visiting from Qingdao included

  • Eric Yuan, General Principal of China Campuses
  • Michael Xu, Chinese Principal
  • Catherine Xue, Director of Admissions
  • Evio Han, Director of Teacher Assistants
  • Jason Huang, Assistant to the Principal
  • Max Huang, Admissions Office Specialist
  • Crystal Hu, Teacher Assistant

Pegasus California School Educators