Cracks in the Schoolyard: Confronting Latino Education Inequality - "Highly Recommended"

Choice Reviews, published by the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL), has given high praise to the 2016 publication edited by Professor Gilberto Q. Conchas and PhD alumna Briana Hinga: Cracks in the Schoolyard: Confronting Latino Educational Inequality.

“Highly recommended for all academic collections, education professionals and administrators, and community leaders”

Overview: This anthology of achievement case studies debunks the deficit models of schooling among Latinas/os as marginalized, passive, indifferent, hopeless, and helpless victims. Instead, the scholarly, well-researched studies set in California exemplify the quest, possibilities, and opportunities of Latinas/os in all US schools and communities, thus filling the “cracks in the schoolyard.” The studies modify and broaden critical, ethnographic, participation identification, and/or infrapolitical frameworks, including critical race theory (CRT), Latina/o CRT, counter-storytelling, interviews, observations, historical research, grounded theory, narratives, oral history, participant observation, semi-structured interviews, surveys, the “Southern tradition” of participatory action research (PAR), group research projects, and random telephone surveys. The 11 case studies, which are organized in three sections—"Critical Case Studies Centering on Race, Racism and Inequality"; "Critical Case Studies Documenting Family, Cultural Resources, and Community Strengths"; and "Critical Case Studies Exploring Ethnicity, Identity, and Immigration"—exemplify the quality of such Latina/o scholars as Gilberto Q. Conchas, Leticia Oseguera, Isiaah Crawford, Nancy Acededo-Gil, Irene Vega, Louie Rodríguez, Eduardo Mosqueda, Kip Téllez, Alejandra Albarran, Cindy Cruz, Leo Chavez, Edelina Burciaga, and Briana M. Hinga, who provide “critical hope” in the transformation of high schools and communities for Latina/o young adults and citizens. (Deborah Lee Norland, Professor of Education, Luther College)

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