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Rachel StumpfPh.D. student Rachel Stumpf presented at the Writing Research Across Borders (WRAB) Conference at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá, Colombia, February 15-18. The title of her presentation was "Similar yet Different:  A Comparison of Writing in High School Language Arts and College Composition." Using sociocultural theory, Ms. Stumpf conducted a comparative study examining the definitions and functions of writing within high school English language arts (ELA) and first-year composition (FYC). She found that ELA and FYC differ in terms of how standards are defined (nationally vs. locally) and what goals are articulated. Abstract

Soon YimPh.D. student Soobin Yim's article "Web-Based Collaborative Writing in Second Language Contexts: Insights from Text Mining Approach", authored with Professor Mark Warschauer, has been published in Language Learning, and Technology (Abstract). A second article "Synchronous Writing in the Classroom: Undergraduates' Collaborative Practices and their Impact on Text Quality, Quantity, and Style", authored with Viet Vu, Professor Warschauer, and colleagues from the Department of Informatics, has also been accepted and will be presented at the 20th ACM conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing in February.

David LiuPh.D. student David Liu has been awarded a Getty Foundation Fellowship to attend the California Association of Museums (CAM) 2017 conference in Sacramento, March 29-31. The 2017 conference theme is "Influence and Action." Attendees will explore the “responsibility individuals and museums take as leaders in their shared communities.” Mr. Liu, whose doctoral research centers on informal, out-of-school, and afterschool learning, is an alumnus of the Getty Foundation’s Multicultural Undergraduate Internship program. While working in afterschool programs, he completed his Getty Foundation internship at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) in Art of the Ancient Americas.

Tyler WattsPh.D. candidate Tyler Watts is first author on a new article in Child Development: "What Is the Long-Run Impact of Learning Mathematics During Preschool?" Mr. Watts and co-authors Greg Duncan, Douglas Clements, and Julie Sarama estimated the causal links between preschool mathematics learning and late elementary mathematics achievement using variation in treatment assignment to an early mathematics intervention. Mr. Watts, a fifth year doctoral student specializing in Educational Policy and Social Context (EPSC), studies early childhood intervention, and impact of income and social environment in later academic achievement. Abstract

UROP PresentationCongratulations to our new Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) Fellows: Amayrani Ochoa Almeida, Ling Chen, John Feri, Amy Gaona, Eden Harder, Gabriela Hernandez, Daisy Jaimes, Diana Magana, Misael Marquez, Austin Moon, Tiffany Pranajasa, Yesenia Salcedo, Alex Shurlock, Dorreen Sun, Jerrod Ventura, and Katrina Yip. The Fellows will be pursuing their research mentored by a School of Education faculty member and will present their findings at a public symposium later this spring. Fellows are selected based on their academic standing, the intellectual merit of their proposed research, and support from a faculty mentor. Research Titles & Faculty Mentors

Soobin YimPh.D. candidate Soobin Yim is first author on an article in Teachers College Record: "Google Docs in the Classroom: A District-Wide Case Study". Ms. Yim and her co-authors Professor Mark Warschauer and Assistant Professor Binbin Zheng examined how Google Docs was integrated into middle-school English Language Arts (ELA) classrooms in a school district with a laptop initiative. Their findings suggest that the introduction of cloud-based tools was perceived by students, teachers, and district officials to make technology use more accessible and convenient, to enhance cost-efficiency and productivity, and to provide ample affordances for writing practice and instruction Abstract