Brownbag Series - Winter 2017 Schedule
Time: Mondays - 12:00 to 1:00 or day/time posted below
Location: Education 2010 (or alternate location if posted below*)
Open to the Public 

January 9

Anahid Modrek, Postdoctoral Researcher

Topic: Individual Differences in Learning v Achievement: What Self-Regulation Predicts and What’s Next

January 18
*ED 2024

Maciel M. Hernandez, Postdoctoral Researcher
Arizona State University

Topic: Emotional Expressivity in School Context, Social Relationships, and Academic Adjustment in Kindergarten

January 19
*MPAA 130

Michael A. Gottfried, Associate Professor
Gevirtz Graduate School of Education
UC Santa Barbara

Topic: Showing Up: Chronic Absenteeism Disparities Between Students with and without Disabilities

January 23
*ED 2024

Shanyce L. Campbell, Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Michigan, School of Education

Topic: Observational Evaluation of Teachers: Measuring More Than We Bargained For?

January 23

Adriana Galván, Associate Professor
Jeffrey Wenzel Term Chair in Behavioral Neuroscience

Topic: The Unrested Teenage Brain: The Effects of Poor Sleep on Adolescent Brain Development

January 30

Jane Rochmes, Postdoctoral Fellow
Center for Policy Analysis
Stanford School of Education

Topic: Educators as Equity Warriors

Febuary 6

Hal Pashler, Distinguished Professor
Department of Psychology
UC San Diego

Topic: Temporal Spacing to Increase Retention

Febuary 13

Benjamin Katz
Psychology & Education
University of Michigan

Topic: What Individual Differences Can Teach Us About Cognitive Training and Transfer

February 27 

Amanda Datnow, Professor
Education Studies
UC San Diego

Topic: Opening or Closing Doors for Students? Equity and Data-Informed Instruction

March 6

Jutta Heckhausen, Professor
School of Social Ecology
UC Irvine

Topic: Motivation and Social Mobility Across the Lifespan: Potential and Limits of Individual Agency 

March 13

Thomas Smith, Professor & Dean
Graduate School of Education
UC Riverside

Topic: Top Down or Bottom Up? Supports for Instructional Improvement in Research Practice Partnerships

March 23

Mary Murphy, Associate Professor
Department of Psychological & Brain Sciences
Indiana University

Topic: Mindsets in Context: Exploring Mindsets in Educational and Organizational Settings