Brownbag Series - Spring 2011 Schedule

Unless otherwise noted below:
Education 3238
12:00 to 1:00 pm

March 28

Richard Buddin, Senior Economist
RAND Corporation

Topic: Teacher Effectiveness in Urban Schools

April 4

William Perez
Claremont Graduate University

Topic: Exceptional Students, Marginal Lives: Achievement and Civic Engagement Among Undocumented Latino Young Adults

April 18
9:30-10:30  MPAA 330

Robert Siegler
Teresa Heinz Professor of Cognitive Psychology
Carnegie Mellon

Topic: Leveling the Math Playing Field in Early Math Learning

April 25
11:30-12:45  Education 2024

Xiaodong Lin
Teacher's College, Columbia University

Topic: Social and Cultural Knowledge Influences Motivation to Learn

May 2

Ji Yun Son
California State University, Los Angeles

Topic: Education as Learning to Perceive Paper

May 16

Lee Swanson
UC Riverside

Topic: The Influence of Working Memory on Math and Reading Performance in Children with Math or Reading Disabilities