Brownbag Series - Fall 2014 Schedule
Time: Mondays - 12:00 to 1:00 or day/time posted below
Location: Education 2005, 2010, 3238, or alternate location posted below
Open to the Public 

Monday  October 13 

Morgan Ames, Postdoctoral Researcher
Intel Science and Technology Center for Social Computing
UC Irvine

Topic: From MIT to Paraguay: A Critical Historical and Ethnographic Analysis of One Laptop Per Child

Monday  October 13
Calit2 Auditorium 

Laurence Steinberg
Distinguished Professor
Temple University

Topic: Age of Opportunity: New Lessons From the Science of Adolescence

Monday  October 20
ED 3238

Jade Jenkins
Postdoctoral Researcher 
UC Irvine

Topic: Head Start at Ages 3 and 4 versus Head Start Followed by State Pre-K: Which is More Effective?

Friday October 24
ED 3238

Jenny Grant Rankin
Chief Education & Research Officer
Illuminate Education

Topic: Over-the-Counter Data: Standards to Facilitate Accurate Data Analyses

Monday   October 27
ED 2010 

Carol McDonald Connor
Director and Senior Learning Scientist
Early Learning Research Initiative Center
Arizona State University 

Topic: Insights on Curriculum, Instruction, and Early Literacy Learning: Student Characteristic by Instruction Interaction Effects on Literacy Outcomes

Monday   November 3
ED 2010  

Dale Farran, Professor
Peabody Research Institute
Vanderbilt University

Topic: Middle School Math Follow-Up: What Math Competencies Look Like Six Years After a Pre-K Math Intervention

Tuesday   November 4
ED 2010

Julie Park, Assistant Professor
College of Education
University of Maryland

Topic: Does Socioeconomic Diversity Make a Difference? Examining the Effects of Racial and Socioeconomic Diversity on the Campus Climate for Diversity

Thursday   November 6
ED 3216

Fengshu Liu, Professor
University of Oslo 

Topic: From Degendering to (Re)Gendering the Self: Chinese Youth Negotiating Modern Womanhood

Wednesday   November 12
MPAA 480

Rachel Baker
Center for Education Policy Analysis
Stanford University 

Topic: Getting from A(A) to B(A): The Effect of Structured Transfer Pathways in Community Colleges | Paper

Friday   November 14
ED 2010

Cesare Cornoldi, Professor
University of Padua, Italy

Topic: Working Memory and Reading Comprehension

Tuesday   November 18
ED 2010

Eve Tuck, Associate Professor
Educational Foundations
State University of New York at New Paltz 

Topic: Researching Youth Resistance

Wednesday   November 19
ED 2005

Lisa Fazio, Assistant Professor
Psychological Sciences
Vanderbilt University 

Topic: Knowledge-Neglect – When People Fail to use Relevant Knowledge

Wednesday   November 19
ED 2005

Claudia von Bastian, Research Associate
Psychology & Neuroscience
University of Colorado, Boulder

Topic: Does Brain-Training Make You Smarter? Evidence from Working Memory Training Studies

Thursday   November 20
ED 2010

Bernadette Sanchez, Associate Professor 
Department of Psychology
DePaul University 

Topic: Unpacking Youth-Adult Relationships in Out-Of-School Time for Urban, Low-Income Adolescents of Color

Monday   November 24
ED 2010 

Sandra Simpkins, Associate Professor
Sanford School of Social & Family Dynamics
Arizona State University 

Topic: Mapping the Predictors of Adolescents’ Participation in Organized After-School Activities: The Role of Family and Social Position Factors | Paper 1 | Paper 2

Wednesday   December 3
MPAA 408 

Constance Iloh
Ph.D. Candidate, Research Assistant
USC Rossier School of Education 

Topic: Black by Popular Demand: An Exploration of Black Student College-Going to the For-Profit Higher Education Sector | Paper

Monday   December 8
ED 2010 

Di Xu
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Teachers College, Columbia University 

Topic: Performance Gaps Between Online and Face-to-Face Courses: Differences Across Types of Students and Academic Subject Areas | Paper 1 | Paper 2