About Us
Teacher Education at UC Irvine

The School of Education’s mission is to promote educational success and achievement of ethnically and economically diverse learners of all ages through its research, teaching, and service activities that foster learning and development in and out of school.

The School achieves its teaching mission through delivery of undergraduate and post-graduate teacher education programs.

The School supplemented its teacher-education programs and advanced its graduate study, research, and service missions by adding an undergraduate minor in educational studies in 1998. 

Launched in 2006, UCI CalTeach is a unique academic program that recruits talented undergraduate science and math majors to prepare for a teaching career. Jointly sponsored by the School of Biological Sciences, School of Physical Sciences, and School of Education, the CalTeach Science and Mathematics Program offers UCI undergraduates a chance to explore inquiry-based science and mathematics teaching via hands-on fieldwork-based courses. CalTeach students have the option of earning their bachelor’s degree in a STEM field and a secondary teaching credential in four years.

The School's Master of Arts in Teaching program (MAT) enables students to earn a teacher credential plus a master's degree in 14 months. Preliminary and professional Administrative Services Credential programs are offered through Extension for prospective and practicing administrators.

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